Thursday, July 27, 2006

You can make this Dream a Reality:

Your generous contribution can help make the Christian presence stronger and more effective in this parish in Kuching. Through your help, your brothers and sisters will have a decent space that they can be proud of, in which to worship God and to gather for years to come...a worthy investment...and you will have the joy of knowing that you were part of it.

What the new St Ann’s New Church will have:

1. A church to accommodate 1500 people.
2. A Day Chapel for various needs.
3. Adequate parking space.
4. Grounds for quiet prayer and meditation.
5. A multipurpose hall.
6. A piety (religious articles) shop.
7. Living quarters for priests and parish staff.
8. Classrooms for catechism.
9. A canteen.
10. A resource centre.
11. Adequate office space for priests, staff and catechists.

The images of the Baruk previously was as follows:

Construction in 4 Phases:

Phase 1: Church and Day Chapel, Sub-station, 2 toilet buildings, earth drainage and parking space.

Phase 2: Administrative Block and Classrooms and Activity Rooms.

Phase 3: Multi-purpose hall.

Phase 4: Priests'/Friar Residence.

Estimated Cost:
Phase 1: RM 6.898,500 million
Phase 2: RM 2.741,180 million
Phase 3: RM 2.904,210 million
Phase 4: RM 1.092,000 million

Total = RM 13,635,890.

Reasons for New St Ann Church

1. Present "Baruk" can no longer accommodate growing numbers of parishioners especially from the neighbouring Housing estates,
either for fellowship gatherings or worship.
2. The thatch roof is leaking very badly and rapidly rotting.
The roof has been replaced with "Spandex" material in 2011.
3. Plastic chairs used for Sunday worship are disintegrating over time.
4. The lighting, ventilation, parking space, toilet facilities and other amenities are either very poor or non-existent.
5. Living quarters for priests and staff is inadequate and uncomfortable.
6. There are no proper classrooms for catechism.
7. There are no specific areas for the various lay ministries to meet.
8. Reception area, catechetical office and priests’ office are very small.
9. There is no Day Chapel for private prayers, daily masses and small functions.
10. The parishioners themselves are pleading for a more comfortable setting in which they can pray.

Our Dream: St Ann’s New Church

Plans are on the way to build a complex in stages, to meet the people’s needs. Supported by the local Church authorities in their plans, the friars are appealing for support and help from the parishioners of St Ann, as well as from other generous hearts.